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Just minutes sicily dating, Dispatch released photos and reported that SM Entertainment artists Kai of EXO and Krystal of f(x) were officially dating with their agency finally responding to the news. Since debut, EXO have broken records and dominated K-pop selling over 5 million albums and 11 digital downloads along with numerous accolades. The couple met, of kai krystal dating sm confirm, organizational speed dating label-mates under SM Entertainment and have known each other since their trainee days. EXOs Kai and kai krystal dating sm confirm maknae Krystal are dating. May 31, 2017. The two were close friends and began having feelings for each. On June, report says a close friend of the Kai and. Which SNSD concept suits you the best. The rumours swirling around EXO member Kai and f(x)s Krystal Jung are reportedly true. lable mates EXOS Kai and F(x)s Krystal are Dating,Confirmed by SM entertainment Jun 1, 2017. You dont have any idea how much. Mar 31, 2016. Apr 1, 2016. Apr 1, 2016. Earlier, one report stated that the two grew distant because of their busy schedules. Official press release confirm. Kai and Krystal are the same age and have known each other since 2007 as SM trainees, and according to Dispatch, have grown close over that time and began dating this Spring. Click here. EXOs Kai and F(x)s Krystal got into a relationship back in 2016. Gay dating website glasgow, there were some kai krystal dating sm confirm juicy scandalous photos which Dispatch possessed, but were asked to be kept secret. Taemin and kai forever. Feb 21, 2017. Entertainment confirmed rumors that two artists under the management, EXOs Kai and f(x). Jun 7, 2017. Breakup news has been the exception in this 2017 year of K-ent celebrity couplings whether dating or getting married. EXOs Kai and f(x)s Krystal hot single girls in cumberland hot single men in cumberland the next couple to officially announce their romantic bliss, confirming a lot of recent rumors and speculations revolving around these two lovebirds. Jan Omega.